Frontline Combo
Frontline Combo

Prescription-only protection.

FRONTLINE Combo is only available
by prescription from your vet.

For more information on this flea and tick product, please contact your vet.

Find out how you can protect both your home and your pet from fleas.

Find out how you can protect your pet from ticks.

Vet and dog

Protecting your pet and your home from fleas.

The best way to protect your home and your pet from fleas is to use a dual-action product that contains both:

  • an ingredient which kills adult fleas – an adulticide

  • an ingredient which prevents flea eggs and larvae from developing into new fleas – an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR).

    This is important because only 5% of a flea problem is on your pet. 95% of the flea problem exists in the pet's environment – your home.

    Each female flea can lay up to 50 eggs a day, so an infestation can accumulate quickly if you don't routinely protect your pet.

A dual-action treatment will break the flea life cycle in two places.​

Flea Life Cycle

Protecting your pet from ticks.

Ticks live in urban parks and gardens as well as rural areas, so your pet could pick up ticks wherever you live in the UK. To help keep your pet protected from these bloodsucking parasites, follow these two simple steps.

  • Check your pet regularly, especially after they have been outside.

  • Regularly apply a product that kills ticks within 48 hours, all year round. It's important to use a treatment that kills ticks within 48 hours as this will minimise the chance of a disease, such as Lyme disease, being transmitted.

Once dead, most ticks will drop off naturally. If they don't you can give them a gentle pull, preferably with tweezers. If the tick doesn't come out easily, take your pet to the vet – don't pull harder as the mouthparts may be left in your pet's skin, leading to infection.

Protect from Ticks